Early Elizabethan England – How to Answer the Questions

How will you be assessed?

This paper is the British depth study and will be bundled in with the Period study.  If you are not sure which period study you do, ask your teacher. 

You should allow yourself 55 minutes to answer the 3 questions.

Q1:  Describe two features of… – You need to say two things about the question backed up with extra detail – 5 minutes

Q2: Explain why… – 3 paragraphs using PEEA to explain 1 reason for change per paragraph – 20 minutes

Q3: “statement” How far do you agree? Explain your answer. – 3 PEEA paragraphs, 1 per reason plus a conclusion –  30 minutes

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The 12 Mark Question – Up to Grade 7

The 12 Mark Question – Up to Grade 9

The 16 Mark Question

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