Topic 3 – Nazi control and dictatorship, 1933–39

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Key topic 3 focuses on the Nazi dictatorship in the years before the outbreak of the Second World War. You should be aware of the key events which led to Germany moving from a democracy to a single-party state during the period 1933–34. You should understand how the Nazis created a police state to control the German population which included secret police, the use of concentration camps, and control of the legal system. You should understand the relationship of the Nazi regime with the Catholic and Protestant Churches. You should be aware of the Nazi regime’s control and influence of attitudes by using propaganda and censorship, and through control of culture and the creative arts. The final section deals with the issue of the extent of support for Nazism. Students should have an appreciation and understanding of the degree of conformity and dissent.

Prior Learning

You should have a good understanding of topic 1 and topic 2.

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From Chancellor to Fuhrer

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