About The History Teacher

After 10 years of teaching in a mainstream secondary school, one of the key things I knew was


Too many of them sit down with a revision guide and read it. Some of them highlight the book, some of them take notes but almost all of them do not retain this information. Students need to revise the information then do something with it. Another thing I noticed was students can recall facts and events but often lose the overall narrative which causes problems when they are asked to evaluate causes or consequences. 

So, a few years ago I started making 5 minute videos, for my own students, which outlined the key information and set homework which linked to this. I saw a huge increase in understanding and quality of revision. YouTube seemed like a good place to post them and it took me by surprise when I discovered students from all around the world liked my videos. I wanted to continue this because it was helping young people with their exams but as a full time teacher, I found it hard to make the time to create the content. This year I am devoting more time to the videos and creating resources to support them. 

At the end of each module, I run a poll to see where we are going next. Members get higher weighting in the poll so join up to have your topic covered next.

I hope you like my content, if you would like to support me in dedicated more time to creating the videos and resources please consider buying me a coffee to keep me going!

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