Superpower Relations and the Cold War

How to Answer the Questions

How will you be assessed?

This paper is the Period Study and will be bundled in with the British depth study.  If you are not sure which British depth study you do, ask your teacher. 

You should allow yourself 55 minutes to answer the 3 questions.

Q1:  Explain two consequences of…(8) – You need to give two consequences of the event in the question, and give reasons why that event led to the consequence in your answer – 10 minutes

Q2: Write a narrative account analysing the key events of … (8) – 3 paragraphs explaining the start, middle and end of the event using precise evidence in each paragraph. There are also clear links between the different paragraphs. – 12 minutes

Q3: Explain the importance of two of the following… (8 + 8) – One paragraph on the first event, one paragraph on the first event’s impact.
Third paragraph explaining how decisive the first event was in causing the second.  Two answers (of three paragraphs) Max of 4 mins per paragraph –  24 minutes

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Q1 – Explain Two Consequences

Q1 – Explain Two Consequences

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