Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939

Why do we study this? What the exam board says…

This modern depth study offers students a fascinating analysis of how, between the First and Second World Wars, a democratic Germany became a one-party dictatorship. Students will examine various political, economic, social and cultural aspects of this change from a democratic to a one-party state. The specification
content is divided into four Key topics which provide a framework for teaching and understanding this option. However, these are not in isolation from one another and there is some chronological overlap between the four Key topics, highlighting the complexity of Germany during the years 1918–39.

How will you be assessed?

This is the only paper in which you will be assessed in all four of the assessment objectives. The questions may relate to any of the content. You will need to answer three questions; question 3 is divided into four parts.
● Question 1: 4 marks. Give two things you can infer from Source A about… You need to make 2 inferences and link them to the source.
● Question 2: 12 marks.  Explain why… This is the same structure as the 12 mark question on papers 1 & 2. Use 3x PEEA paragraphs.
● Question 3(a): 8 Marks. How useful are Sources B and C for an enquiry into… Again you will have seen this question before on paper 1. Use 2x COP paragraphs.
● Question 3(b): 4 Marks. What is the main difference between these views? This is a unique question which focuses on AO4. You need to state the difference and give examples to support.
● Question 3(c): 4 Marks. Suggest one reason why Interpretations 1 and 2 give different views about… again a unique question targeting AO4. You need to explain why the  two interpretations differ. You can use the sources to support your answer.
● Question 3(d): 16 marks.  How far do you agree with Interpretation * about… This is the big question on this paper and has 4 SPAG marks attached bringing it to 20 marks total. You need to refer directly to interpretations and assess their argument and style. Use 3x PEEA +conclusion.

Topic 1: The Weimar Republic 1918-29
Topic 2: Hitler's Rise to Power 1919-33
Topic 3: Nazi Control and Dictatorship 1933-39
Topic 4: Life in Nazi Germany 1933-39
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